Living Our Purpose

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Living Our Purpose
Seven Cosmic Mass Addresses
Rev Heather Gilmour

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For over thirty years, many people have benefitted from the vivid, clear and compassionate thinking in Rev Heather Gilmour’s addresses. In this collection, Rev Heather focuses on the different challenges of living our purpose, and highlights how they are pictured in events in the life of Christ.

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LIVING OUR PURPOSE is no small endeavour. It involves a peculiar knowing that we have such a thing as a purpose, as well as an inner decision to follow this knowing. It takes insight to change our life in response, sensitivity to discern what is needed, perception to see what is developing and, above all, courage and faith to overcome the sometimes great challenges we meet along the way.

It calls forth a rich inner life and dialogue and a growing awareness of our interaction and relationship with the beings beyond this world. It is a transformative pursuit.

All these aspects of living our purpose are pictured in different events in the life of Christ, and it is these that Rev Heather Gilmour brings before us in this collection of addresses.

These are the stories of the life of the divine I AM as it grows and expresses itself in us. From the choosing of Mary, the soul who can bring the Christ into the world, right through to events in the Holy Week, Rev Heather highlights important and relevant spiritual principles as guides to living our purpose.

  • The Mystery of the Chosen Ones
  • From Childhood to Maturity
  • For the Health of your Soul
  • Seeing into the Spiritual Worlds
  • Wanted: Followers and Co-Workers
  • True Greatness
  • Learn from the Fig Tree

Heather brings to vivid, colourful life the Christ of history as well as our own present inner experiences of his life in us. She uncovers the truths contained within the biblical stories which also form the blueprint of the spiritual journey of our souls.

This is life told from a spiritual point of view – a view that sees behind outer events to what spirit is doing and requiring. And we see what can grow through our own steadfast faithfulness through all the stages of living our purpose.

Book Details

  • Author: Rev Heather Gilmour
  • Published by The Independent Church of Australia 2016
  • 52 pages plus covers

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