Prayers for the Seasons

Prayers for the Seasons
The Journey of the Spiritual Year

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Like the physical year, the spiritual year is punctuated by different festivals and seasons which usher in a change of atmosphere and focus, and call forth different soul responses and challenges. The diverse elements of our inner work in these times are reflected in the prayers in this collection.

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The purpose of this collection of prayers is to enrich our experience of the spiritual year. Each prayer holds valuable points for personal contemplation and meditation and as such forms a rich guide to the year’s journey. This journey commences with Advent, four weeks before Christmas, and concludes at the end of November.

  • Advent – the preparation for Christmas
  • Christmas and the Twelve Holy Days – which incorporates the new calendar year and concludes with Epiphany on January 6th
  • Lent – the forty days of preparation for entering into Holy Week and Easter
  • Rose Sunday (celebrated on the first Sunday in March)
  • Palm Sunday begins the Holy Week which culminates with Easter Day
  • The Mystical Interval – the 40 days after Easter which conclude with Ascension
  • Pentecost – 50 days after Easter – the pouring out of Christ’s spirit
  • Mothers’ Day – giving thanks for the feminine – traditionally the 2nd Sunday in May
  • St John’s Tide – June 24th – Festival of the Human Spirit
  • Founders’ Day and Thanksgiving – the first Sunday in August – our Spiritual Fathers, Brotherhood and Community
  • Michaelmas – the Feast of Archangel Michael and All Angels – September 29th
  • Souls in Spirit – the month of November
    • For Those Who Will Be Born – throughout the month
    • All Saints – for the Initiates – November 1st
    • All Souls – for those who have died and those who are to be born – November 2nd

The prayers in each of these seasonal sections heighten our awareness of the spiritual impulses active at that time and give focus to the work to be done on the inner levels.

These prayers can be used in formal worship settings and private devotions. Some are suitable as invocations or opening prayers, some as collects and/or prayers of intention in the Mass, some as benedictions or closing prayers. Below each prayer are suggestions for how to incorporate it into private devotion or public worship.

The inspiration for this collection, and the source of most of these prayers, is the Reverend Mario Schoenmaker. His prayers lifted people into what he often called ‘the immensity of the heavens’. They are powerful expressions of devotion to Christ, an intimate relationship with spirit and a clear perception of the working of spiritual forces. They put into words the sometimes unrecognised thoughts and longings of our souls.

These prayers will assist you to enter into the different spiritual seasons and festivals with more awareness of the movement and activity of spirit – in and around you – and engender a greater connection and co-operation with the rhythms of the heavens.


Prayers, Seasons.

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  • Author: Rev Mario Schoenmaker.

  • Published by The Independent Church of Australia 2016.
  • 172 pages plus covers.

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