ePub book information

The ePub downloadwill be available to you within three working days of receiving your order. An email will be sent to you which will include the details of how and where to download your ePub file(s).

You will have one month to download your files(s).

Your purchase allows you to transfer your ePub files to your computer, tablet, smartphone, CDs and other media for personal use, storage and backup.

Your agreement with CentreBooks is that all ePub files are for personal use only and not for further distribution.

A.USING EMAIL - Loading the ePub files onto your tablet e.g. iPad -

  • email theePubfile to yourself on your iPad,
  • open theePubattached to the received email,
  • choose 'read in iBooks' from the options top right (in the 'arrow in the box' icon) and this will open and save the file in iBooks,
  • for other times when you open your iPad, theePubwill now be found in iBooks.

B.USING iTunes - Loading the ePub files onto your tablet e.g. iPad

  • on some occasions, the above method may not work or you may just wish to use this method
  • STEP 1
  • in the email sent to you with the ePub book as an attachment, save the ePub book to your computer in a place you can easily find it eg 'Desktop'
  • STEP 2
  • open iTunes on your computer
  • plug in your iPad to your computer using the plug used to charge the iPad but remove the socket part - just use the cord with the pins on one end and the USB plug on the other end
  • your iPad will eventually show up on the left hand column of your iTunes - be patient
  • near the top of this left hand column is your 'LIBRARY' - click on 'Books'
  • on the top bar, click 'File / Add to Library…'
  • navigate to the place you put your ePub book eg 'Desktop'
  • click on the ePub book and then click 'Open'
  • you will now see your ePub book in 'Books'
  • STEP 3
  • click on to your iPad in the left hand column of iTunes
  • a new screen will be shown - click on the 'Apply' at the bottom right side of this screen
  • the ePub book will now be transferred from your computer to your iPad
  • click the small down arrow next to your iPad in the left column of iTunes - this will 'eject' your iPad from your computer - THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT OR PROBLEMS MAY ARISE
  • now remove the plug from your computer and your iPad
  • STEP 4
  • open your iPad and then iBooks - you will now see your new ePub book. Enjoy!

If you have any questionsor disputesplease contact us on ourContact Uspage.

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